I sing, whole,

and break out from the forest of my soul,

I walk, loud,

to frighten back the lions in the crowd,

I fly, sweet,

and chop the air with my unsubtle wings,

Are you awake?

To tow the line and walk upon the lake!

Have we never met before?

I’m sure I’ve seen your face.

In treasuries and candy stores;

in dismembered disgrace.

Let us run and find your heart,

to keep it focused on the dawn,

until the day you turn around,

and find that I am gone.

You’ll sing on!

You’ll see that this was meant to be our song.

You’ll walk free!

And slake the lusts you find between your teeth.

You’ll keep flying!

Though my body lies in dust beneath the swings,

I will come to you and sing,

I will come to you

without ever dying.

Are you asleep?

Cradled still within the earth, we nestle deep.

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