A grave nightmare patchworks my teardrops;
scents of atomic lullabies,
and seventh tries,
those righteous lies
which say I will breathe ’til my heart stops.

I dance in laurels and nudity,
at their brutal, unworldly birth,
sedate with mirth,
a solemn earth,
hovers above and below me.

I touch down on an unholy moon,
amid a vast cornfield to cook,
with the wrong book,
cast a pale look:
the sky is nothing but a spoon

I walk a stuttering, woodland path,
all poached in the emptiest ache,
a bitter quake,
let the trees take
out on me their revenge and their wrath.

Here I cling to the nightmare like wind,
slipping it through salty fingers;
how it lingers,
’til the singers
exalt all that ought to offend.

I starve under bright, stained-glass windows,
my feet on a Seraphim’s nose,
a sultry pose,
a headless rose,
bells ring, but the door remains closed.

Alight with me onto a tower,
follow my corset down the stairs,
war with me there,
frolic ensnared,
in awe of resurrection power.

Then we will swim fast through the river,
all spraying giggles in a splash,
a soaking dash,
a weightless thrash,
playmates like unforeseen shivers.

Crab queenly reclines there, astride
the scales of brave Fish, those clear eyes,
they wave goodbyes,
in cold surprise;
my heart pled for mercy, but died.

19 thoughts on “cross and staff

      1. False.

        Also, I can’t keep track of your whereabouts, so this may or may not be helpful:


        NO ENTRY FEE.
        This annual prize awards $10,000 as well as a contract for publication to the author of the winning manuscript.Poets currently residing in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, or Wisconsin are eligible to be considered for the Lindquist & Vennum Prize for Poetry. Manuscripts must be complete, previously unpublished, book-length collections. Deadline January 31, 2014, with the winning collection to be announced in April 2014.

  1. holy cow, shrinks! – your magnificent free verse self shows her mastery of modernist allegory in traditional form – you are simply incredible – my favorite stanza is “I starve…”

  2. Happy New Year !!!!!!! and best wishes for you in 2014 πŸ™‚

    thank you dear πŸ™‚

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