the sweet, simple whisper of a dying soldier,
the unfocused blood of another year older,
the cold, broken luster of mirrored, soul-hearts,
the poor, folded bluster of dismembered starts,
the racing and raging of tornado ire,
the flame-blasted fortitude of my desire,
the sinking in oceans of frenzy and pleasures,
the frolic of clouds in their broiling sky seizures,
the running horizons, gone leaping like satyrs,
the way I chase after their wine and grape platters,
the icicle holes in the sky call my names,
the voices all chiming and reeling in frames,
the winds from the earth, all four corners exclaim,
the bold invitation to start a new game.

10 thoughts on “boundless

  1. Great title for the works…boundless…as lovers share in timeless moments as stars shine on cloudless nights as the seas force their way of white sand beaches…really good, made me feel something, thank you.


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