I saw your arms in the curves of boulders,
tantalizing spheres
bellowing glory in Pythian games,
the nectarous sweat of our blasphemy,
the spirits run sparks
over our bodies;
not bodies, our
No, gods and myths are more,
we writhe into our deification,
smashing through mortal walls,
the caves of our phantasmic flesh alighting,
the pores of our ghostly surfaces thriving
in the touch of one another,
the whispers of touches overthrow our senses,
because our whispers are immortality,
and they mean wisdom and anguish,
they mean firelight and wind,
they are life and death,
when we whisper,
we make love,
and we breathe our endlessness
through each other’s lungs
with the abandon of Creators,
the toxicity of everlasting life.

9 thoughts on “savior

  1. You are a true philosopher-poet! I don’t check in on your site for a few days, and then I’m so very pleasantly surprised by all the new ideas, lyrics, imagery.

  2. one of my favourite opening lines I’ve read, you definitely know how to draw a reader in!

  3. Damn, Shrinks. You fornicate with gods and ghosts, and make it all so effing GORGEOUS while you are describing it. You are the goddess of ichor and ectoplasm.

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