They gave me a candle,
and I imagined lighting my jeans on fire,
the stripped fringes,
through which I see my smooth knees
shining, and I want them to stop;
flickering heat could caress my thighs,
travel up and down my body
in thermal waves of agony,
desecrating cheap merchandise,
hallowing contorted chokes,
condoning visceral writhing,
conjuring melodious atrophies,
creating monstrosities of my flesh,
to the bone,
nothing ever rising from
the ashes I could become.

10 thoughts on “burn

  1. I do not like this because it is about self harm in a way. its quite brutal. burns are one of the most painful things to experience. Although it got to me so that makes it in someway powerfull

  2. I immediately imagined Jim Morrison singing “come on baby light my fire” and you torching his pants with a candle… and me saying “you did ask her to do it, man…”

Love you, too

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