If I went to your funeral,
I would sweep my hair up Grecian,
and slink into a dress draped charcoal,
with gold bangles on my arms,
and jewels cascading down my throat,
and stars in my eyes.
I would not greet any strangers,
all the people who know you, but
I would kiss your empty casket;
empty, for you could not have left
without your body,
so I would dream all the visions
you sent for me and reel ecstatic
in front of crying grandmothers,
and sweat profusely with pleasures
under the stares of former in-laws,
and fornicate with your ghost
in frolicsome agonies,
and you’d see me for the first time
from the rafters.

51 thoughts on “occasion

      1. Ha! ME? I LOVE THIS POEM! After a day’s downtime, what a delight to stumble over THIS, first thing!!!

              1. anyway, you constantly delight me, shrinks!

                I’m off to feed the cats and drink a little, reading Homer & waiting for the PBL. TTYL

                  1. Once it would’ve been quite impressive. The pockets that are left are gorgeous, though. Can’t complain about the view, or the toucans ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love you, too

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