My mind is full of mountain memories

overshadowed by curses and aphrodisiacs,

dynamite ginger tendrils and fortified hearts,

airline ticket orgasms and baby doll endearments,

oceanic arguments and veto competitions,

alcoholic tendencies and blueberry pancake adversities,

dog hair romance and belly laughter,

forty-nine good things, and fifty-one bad,

unattained ideals and hide-and-seek bliss,

quicksand pentacles and jungle poker games,

haunted house dreams and ex-girlfriend instant messages,

lemon-scented reality TV and campfire-lit lovemaking,

aloe vera soaked apathy and foreign taxi impatience,

telegram currency and bipolar discoveries,

beanbag chair thrills and newly-carpeted sorrows,

cancerous sarcasm and viral commitment issues,

Facebook introductions and incendiary adieus,

and the way I stopped looking at you

with the adoration of a child.


  1. ‘cancerous sarcasm’ – great image….Really love this…. brilliant! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Love you, too

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