I wish you could watch me shuffle,

as I scream at my cards,

“Tell me the fuck about _____”

And they do,

child of wonder.

They tell me we can

fly to the resplendent sun,

who will assure us

we are just

like it.

That we will wage

against life

and never lose,

not once!

That we will ignore

our present,

that no rules apply;

eight earths can’t

stop us,

even if they try!

And the world,


it’s ours!

They said so,

believe my prophecies

and allurements.

The psychotic, gentle world,

it was made for us;

for our truth to become


12 thoughts on “eight earths

  1. We are made of the stars, we came from one of their deaths, they gave to you life and one day soon you will return to the hart of one – in a never ending circle!

    Love this !

    Thank you!

Love you, too

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