I am exhausted,

holding open my eyelids

feels like Atlas,

like triumph,

six wands,

my fingers clenched.

I am looking for my fire,

have you seen it

bathed in nighttime,

or perhaps,

crackling under your


There is Death,

and she waits hopefully,

her sleek hair joining with rivers

of blood in my

bath tub.

28 thoughts on “end it

  1. Death can ever and only be hopeful, because she has no power. You and I hold it all. And even if we surrender it, she still gains nothing. We merely become as powerless as her.

  2. The style here is, as always, reminiscent of Plath’s work whilst also being your own personal and poetic statement. I’d even say your work is like Plath in the modern 21st Century age without being contrived or just a straightforward copy. Powerful stuff that grabs the reader and drags them into your vision.

    The images with the rhyme scheme blend a microcosmic perspective to the wider scope of the outer macrocosm.


  3. Sometimes staying awake to the world does feel like a titanic feat, or should I say oftentimes. [indirect] form of encouragement both in the literary and eschatological sense.

  4. query- do you channel the suicidal feeling out through your poetry, so that you won’t act upon it?

    well written, the words drop me into a mind movie that you’ve frozen in time that resonates within me

  5. I have seen your fire, and keep your blood where it does the most good. It is a bitch to clean out of bathtubs after the fact, anyway. Trust me on that one.

  6. Life is an exhausting endeavor against the caress of Death, it is proper to make her wait forever if possible. Strong and good

    1. aaa! I know there’s no “e” at the end of “metaphor!” — I just looked it up.

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