My lips are stained red,
and it is time to write
instead of do,
yet again,
while gods
tour magicks
goddesses in tow.
Have I ever seen your face?
Because it is gone,
and I need it;
where is the satyr
who stole my heart?
A thousand leagues,
a billion
glasses of wine,
I am lost to your
computer screen mess,
and your licentious draw.
It filled me up,
like a spring thaw.
Yes, I write when I am drunk!
Yes, I do.
What else is there,
but writing
to you?

25 thoughts on “merlot and dark chocolate

  1. “…while gods

    tour magicks


    goddesses in tow.”

    That line really made me step back and think, about so many things… thealogy, feminism, magick… Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing.

  2. Drunk is a divine state of perception that inhibits the dangerous intoxication of reality. Besides, liver is bad, it must be punished. Whatever you’re doing, never stop, or the world will flounder in Hallmark aphorisms.

  3. Just lost in the title – may get further later ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As always – drunk or not – you spread energy and delightful mischief.
    Don’t stop now!

  4. I Loved it. Drinking always get’s me in a writing mood.

    Are you familiar with how the Norse gods, and later the humans too, according to Norse mythology, recieved the gift of poetry?
    Long story short, they drank a specially brewed mead, the Mead of Poetry (or the mead Suttungr). Anyone who drank from it became a scald, perhaps a few drops of it found its way into your merlot? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Sufi…
    Merlot flows in diluting your Natural High
    You press your keyboard un drunk with deepest sigh

    Always melancholic has same affects as always mellow
    Sharing all your Chocolate and Merlot of sorrow

Love you, too

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