I am crawling out of my
Yellow, familiar voices sound like
orchards of fibrous engines grating
up my skull, and the sun
darting on my skin sets
off every prickled
nerve ending in
torturous icicle atrophy,
crippling my arms,
one at a time until I shed
Ethereally antsy,
but so close to this cliff,
and it beckons me,
colorfully, with floating
kites and jealous trees tied down.
I am in love with it!
Why, it is my lover,
it calls me to make
love to its sharp boulders,
love to its creaking river belly.
Darling cliff,
I would never deny you anything,
even the air that whooshes with my fall.

13 thoughts on “shudders

  1. That lustful, beckoning call
    That easy trip and fall
    Rushing forward to meet the eternal river
    Arms outstretched ready to embrace it with love
    Fall upwards my dear
    And as you hit the surface
    You break through in to clear, bright, clean air
    Your feet landing softly on warm, green grass
    By the riverside of a beautiful meadow
    The sunshine bright and strong but not over-bearing
    In the distance the sound of children laughing, playing
    And you know
    That you could just lay down
    Right hear in the sunny meadow
    And doze for hours
    In total, peaceful comfort.
    No thoughts or worries to realize
    Just that inner happiness that feels
    Like every cell in your body
    Is hugging
    Every other cell in your body.
    Turn even bad thoughts in to love
    And float
    Soul with body
    Above it all
    And breathe deep
    Breath easy
    Be free

Love you, too

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