What if I were splayed out,
mostly naked,
on your bedroom floor,
my hair creeping off my head
like tentacles,
what would you do?
Ask for an encore?
What if we had fought
and I had died?
Then what?
Would you kiss me back to life
or let me be?
Which would I want?
I’ve no idea.
What if my wrists could run red,
just for a moment,
just to feel what it would look like,
and I gazed up at you
and you ground your keys
into my skull?
Would we find happiness then?
Or just a lull.

42 thoughts on “kiss

  1. Why don’ you let anyone be in a bad mood? Dam it.
    I am smiling again reading you….is happiness

        1. Damn it! Why does a commenter finally apply sarcasm and I have to miss it. : (

              1. One and a Half Drunk Sufi? Good Title…Full in life half on Merlot…There s no hangover for you. Such virtues are left for the lost souls Sufi

  2. I would bathe and bind your wounds, pick you up and take you to the nearest inn. I would lay you gently in the bed of the grandest suite. You could get some sleep and have a better perspective the next day. Don’t worry, I shall pass through town again and change your bandages. —— E

  3. aw, there you go again, shooting pool with the fundamental elements of nature! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I forgot, and you didn’t seem to notice (bitch), but the title of my post, “Look, see the smell!” was a dedication to your skill in this field of oddity ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love you, too

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