I drank your grief today

but it wouldn’t stay

under my eyelids,


I just poured forth your agonies;

they were fervent tendrils

of all the abominations

stringing from your skin.

My darling,

you should tell God to go fuck himself,

and murder the doctors,

and nuke the rest of us,

because we let him die.

Hang us from trees!

We will let you,

we know it’s true,

we own his blood.

God damn it,

all the blood

of all the babies



You are one of the few,

who know we live

on a sinking ship

in Hell.

20 thoughts on “ronan

  1. I admire your ability to just say it and not be afraid of what comes out…I still have difficulty facing how I really feel…

    I followed the links and have such difficulty with the cruel beautiful world we live in, we’ve mastered so many things and yet health, peace, and compassion are not ours, or only realized in flashes.

  2. Interesting piece. Is this real or fiction, coz I know some good fictional writers. If this is reality, then I guess the pain was hellish, so much it made the victim (of the pain, not ronan) feel less/more than a human -to consider attacking God. Take heart. Let the pain be PART of your humanity. My kind hearty wishes.

  3. Indeed, fuck God and his false prophecies. He lives a sheltered life and it’s time we burn the fucker down.

Love you, too

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