When Brittany Murphy died,

I took a shower.

And my unrelenting tears mingled

with the fluorides,

and the scent of my shampoo.

I begged God not to send her to Hell,

its flames rising up in front of my eyes

like tulips in spring,

with teeth and weapons of

mass destruction.

I begged him to relent,

to match his mercy to

the lines of her full,

breathless lips.

“God, she is not bad,

I insisted to the mildewing


I imagined Brittany Murphy


and it made Hell

slip off my shoulders,

and disappear.

69 thoughts on “clueless

  1. Whether people read it one way or the other doesn’t matter one iota because your words painted word pictures that were pure perfection! Brilliant! And I was SHOCKED how many people don’t know who Brittany Murphy was…

  2. This is an excellent poem. The flood of emotion and the water cascading off of you is very, very effective.

  3. I really did enjoy the poem, but what truly amazed me the most is how many people genuinely don’t know who Britney M. is…

  4. I don’t normally pay attention the “Rate This,” but I saw a rating of 1 star, Can’t imagine what loser offered that opinion, but I did my small part to offset that. In addition to the prolific quantity of work that you post, the consistent high level of the output amazes me.

    1. How kind, thank you. I very much appreciate it. I think this poem could be read in quite a number of ways that people could find offensive, or not know what to do with, but I’m okay with that ; )

      1. A tour? NO! We should subvert the hierarchy, demote the dictator and start a new era of disorder!

          1. He’s an old codger, anyway, his tricks are getting cliche, we’ll put him in an Underworld nursing home.

  5. Ok, just settle down, here’s the postmortem facts.

    Hell’s temperature: less than or equal to 444.6°C (832.28°F).

    Heaven’s temperature: 525°C (977°F).

    Of course neither exist, but if you read your bible and do the math Heaven is hotter than Hell.

    1. Finally someone who is talking sense, give that man around of applause!

      PS: loved the poem and I commented on this one because it deserved more the superficial like…..sorry rant mode and sarcasm mode still on from last night.)

  6. Good Lord, all I can imagine now is her saying–pitchforks, SERIOUSLY????

    If she is one of the damned, there is one rocking, color-coordinated party happening in hell.

              1. You have 100% free will in that matter. I think that we can still relate in certain ways. Just because a person is spiritual, that doesn’t mean they don’t notice their mistakes or don’t have the same everyday problems. I respect you for just being human.:)

                    1. Spiritual mutt, very interesting! haha. My advice is to find a way of life that completely satisfies your soul. Find a way that gives you sincere peace and joy, 🙂

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