Feel me roar in the avenues of the sun.
Feel my power, equal to fucking none.
Feel your legs, they quiver as you are undone,
by my teeth, my lips, my breasts, and my tongue.
Feel as your heart pounds like a machine gun.
Feel my hands around your throat, one by one.
Feel the empty shadows flee, for I’ve won!
Feel your body shaken, riddled, and spun.
Feel daggers of my hands and feet, have your fun.
Feel the silk of my hair, I know, you’re stunned.
Feel the edge of my knives evade your lungs,
Feel impossible lightning that has sprung.
Feel, the tones of my heart, for you have sung,
Feel the edges of sanity fully wrung,
Feel the moments of ecstasy fully flung,
Feel your sweating body, I’ve just begun.

39 thoughts on “feel

  1. The Goddess-Princes incarnates in many ways, and the paths are forged into roses of steel, great poem, I salute you ! 🙂

    1. Not going to lie, I was drunk as anything when I wrote this…I would change only about eighty-seven thousand things if I weren’t enjoying the blatant mistakes abounding…

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