Your thoughts are temples where I prostrate my dangling body skyward,
like the first Apollo stringing his bow and missing,
the pendulum swinging in fervent leisure for your intestines,
a frightful, phallic Babel torn asunder by ancient breath,
the wooden cross where he begged to present himself breeched,
a screwdriver in a madman’s shaking, Herculean hand.
I worship them in my uplifted, grasping posture ,
groping the sun at right angles to a hunter’s melody,
commanding the walls to enclose me into a clammy pit,
building up walls for my own divinity,
humbling myself to basest inhumanity,
gratifying my serial killer tendencies.
cries out my soul, in earthquake admiration,
So I may weep tears of your laughter incarnate.

23 thoughts on “i want to think like you

  1. Makes me think of the relationship between a mentor and their thirsty, yet unacknowledged, apprentice.
    Absolutely beautiful and enthralling, btw. I love it. I could relate. This one really touched my soul somehow in a way that’s fresh to what I’m experiencing in my daily life. Thanks for that. Keep on writing! ;)!

Love you, too

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