First, I was on the litter,
as rustics carried me ever closer to you;
those demonic angel masks,
bellowing eyebrows,
and flowing fingers.
They danced, and all I saw was color,
color to the beat of the drums,
against the beads of your constellation.
I saw you, Taurus, dios, flood,
and they brought me ever closer
to your sinister stampede
atop the mountains.
Now, they are tying my hands
with rough hemp and
loosening my hair which
snaps in the wind,
a forest of morse code.
The virgins remove my
white, ashy, gauze
robe so you may
see my silhouette
against the moon.
Their throats are slit and
their blood mingles with the platters
of grain and berries;
those rich red berries saturated in
delicious holy blood.
The drums stop for the wind,
and all I see are frightened faces
melting into one another;
cowards! They run, fast,
back down the mountain,
and leave me here to wait for you.
I watch the wind call your name,
I am as tall as all your trees,
I am dark and powerful,
I am writhing on this splintered pile,
I can hear you coming.
Do you know why they sacrifice
Because I could
destroy you.
And there you are, galloping wildly
through your spring streams;
your face is life itself,
your hair is scorpions,
your blessed hands untie me and
I don’t care where we are going
or what you will do to me,
just do it, do it, go, faster
and never

46 thoughts on “offering

  1. Funny, as I was reading this I was thinking how a room full of writers would be like a tense and complicated playpen of children cooing and babbling and screaming and crying all at once trying to get in their revelations about something like the shape of a spoon out first. And now I understand why the Internet is so necessary. Thanks for bringing out that light.

  2. You must be getting tired of the amount of times people say your poems are beautiful,but I’ll say it again till I can think of a better one.
    This one in particular made me think of a scene in braveheart where Williams lover waits for him to come but in the end they slit her throat.

  3. I hesitate to comment here, as I feel I am interrupting a dialogue between you and something greater, but this is freaking beautiful, strong, powerful, and I wonder if it is you that are offered up as sacrifice, or if it is the god/man that takes you that is yielded.

  4. Your words could destroy solar systems, and you can destroy me, you’re the only one I would let do the honor. Sorceress, I will swallow this poem whole and breathe fire in your mouth.

  5. I am there ! The imagery you convey with your words is stunning. I am seriously running out of words to compliment your work, but I’m sure I will always find them . Finn x

  6. The way you unravel your tales is wonderful, and as I’ve said before I hold on to each line not sure of where you are taking me or how this will end. Great ending by the way I feel there is more to come one day

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