You have me drowning in
black-heart caresses,
circling ever
around the drain.
You have me idling
in my own arms,
seeking your
festooning pleasures.
You have me
chasing insidious notes
and stanzas;
churning them under my

Take me in your hands,
over your head,
like a boulder;
smash me hard
onto the ground,
god, it feels so good to break.

You hold them in your arms,
and think of destroying me.

41 thoughts on “passions

  1. Time stops when I read your poetry, thank you for the suspended animation. Passion is such a double edged sword, wielded well during the swell then piercing oneself during the decline. Ah passion’s web, may we all rest in peace if but for a moment.

  2. Really, our passions make us as much as they break and betray us. I should not doubt that the most passionate people in the world should be both the most successful and, paradoxically, the most criminal.

    It’s impulse, action – really sequestered desire. A lot of people who suffer frequently find they are a lot stronger ( and weaker) than they will ever admit.

    Love this piece!

  3. You know, reading this I was immediately reminded of Assemblage 23’s “Naked”

    “Bombarded by brutal events,
    Like the rays of a sun.
    Knocked to my knees,
    By the waves that continued to come.
    Each time I rise to my feet,
    I am knocked to the ground.
    But I am an element,
    Nothing can break me down.”

    There is something absolutely exhilarating about suffering versus pain. Really, for me, there is a difference.

    Maybe it’s because i’m a Pisces.

    Honestly, I go out to do my training for the marathon feeling broken inside. Suffering, paranoid delusions of my depression or asphyxiating melody of the sirens of mania.

    But man, when the physical pain starts: that is around mile 12, that is when the suffering stops. Oh sure, you have your endorphins You become addicted to it, because it can be measured by success, whereas suffering really can’t be quantified.

    The best part of a long run for me is ALWAYS the last 100-200 meters. That sprint. I take all my suffering that is left, the shadow of its rumor, condense it and push it out through my feet and I fly.

    But, again, maybe it’s because i’m a Pisces.

    My feet are said to be my vital area.

    Some thoughts,


  4. There are so many ways one can interpret this and immerse in. Hard to choose only one, but no one said only one choice had to be made. 🙂

    god, it feels so good to break. – indeed, it does.

  5. Time stood still when I read this. This poem is eternal like our shared muses, death and the gods. Wonderful. I am a man that is hardly ever moved. Your work is one of the rare exceptions in this world. Thank you for putting the word down the way that you do.

  6. I try to read and experience a poem … wait for one image or detail or line to touch me in some way … “god , it feels so good to break” is IT this time. I love the second part of this poem, a really great idea and way of expressing somethingm and it is echoed in part III as well in a slightly twisted way. Great read!

      1. pssst you are most welcome! I am guilty of using the Like button sometimes, but I really think if I care enough to follow someone’s blog I should try to be encouraging by saying what I like, or don’t (although I am hardly ever critical in any way). I read everything, I just may not have a comment on every single poem. PS I think you should cover another song too — you have a haunting, beautiful voice 🙂

              1. I am stumped though, I cannot think who you remind me of as a singer … I thought Enya sort of, but your voice isn’t as processed and ethereal as hers, so it didnt quite fit … has anyone ever told you that you sound like so and so?? I look forward to Wednesday!

  7. Such passion very moving as I read this you clearly have a knack for expressing how you are and letting it out. I sit here and wonder who drove you to this

Love you, too

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