Havoc!  Join us for our bold potluck tonight.  May I coax you with an oozing wing of quail?
Would you prefer pomegranate juice or chai?  Liquor?  Brazen like a king, you vexing Baal.
Vixen, whisper jealously your hazel phlegm; heavy air, like foam in lacquered ballroom cracks.
Always, never: these seem like such things unsung; just speak calm, unfazed, but quiet as a hex.
Milk your harpsichord, like lovers who gaze fixed, at the drab acquired joys of their lost wrecks.

28 thoughts on “myriad pranks

  1. For you “Shirnksarentcheap”

    Your closeness sucks!
    The negativity out of me…
    O You!
    Joyous, delightful, Sufi
    Yet Sweet and sad at the same time
    Then while I involuntarily dance
    On the very first word of your poetry
    God from within your poetic imagery comes out
    Slaps me and says
    She belongs to me!
    However, you can enjoy Me through her words
    Thats My gift to you
    So you like others have found Me in Her poems
    I Cherish, in agreement with God, you reveal in your Poems
    Thats all I can do
    Nothing can be possessed
    You keep reminding me in your poems
    I try to forget you
    Then you overpowers me
    With Your DIVINITY
    Again every time
    “Love you, too”
    I just can’t say thanks to you

    So, I say

    “Oh God!”


      1. Then better be ready to
        Stab me with the Tuning fork
        This lyre is out of tune

        Or shall I say, your omni-shadow
        Makes the empty vessel blow
        This sound you hear
        Is your beauty, inspired!
        The emptiness feeling occupied

        Even my squeak
        You make it sound so beautiful
        Ha, Shakespeare was right after all!
        Flattery gets you everywhere!

  2. I dont know but somehow I love you poems, they catch hold of me

    thank you not one but many of them

Love you, too

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