You are spellbound.
Have I caught you
with my snares and commotions,
loudly clanging the bars
of transatlantic cages
over your heads,
and behind your backs?
It appears that way.
You are caught in my web.
I can feel your lights
flickering on my silk-woven ribbons;
when I pull on them,
you skitter.
I am your goddess,
so Go and Multiply the Earth.
Melt down your souls
so I may
breathe their perfumes from altars.
In the beginning
I create light;
but soon you will see
all the lights
from your sky.

15 thoughts on “cages

  1. I really enjoyed reading this poem. Very well written and quite thought provoking. Just out of curiosity, I think I am missing an allusion you made in your line “so Go and Multiply the Earth.” I’m just wondering what the significance of the capitalization is. My guess is that you are making a reference that I am simply unfamiliar with. I am very intrigued by this line and would love to know what you meant by this.

Love you, too

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