Dear Lord,
The I Am. ย That one.
You and your spectral masterpieces
framed as angels-in-waiting,
your Gabriels and the wretched light
that swallowed Job’s children,
and Egypt’s babies.
You, of the gracious genocides,
and loving massacres,
of the ancient tidal waves
and rainbow frights.
I beg you for mercy
only because I know what
you are capable of:
you make the walls
fall down.
You created the heavens
and the earth.
Cancer and
and stillbirths,
boiling alive,
and apathetic parishioners
are yours.
How will we ever save ourselves
from your salvation?

67 thoughts on “prayers

  1. Despite my theological disagreement, I spent long years in the same place. I admire your convictions and find myself moved by their poignant expression.

  2. Your rebellious pen has written its infernal beauty of words in the pages of our time while you stare on into the face of the deepest, timeless mystery. I am awed and humbled by your skill.

  3. Fascinating imagery and a righteous perspective. I’m a follower of Jesus and I liked this very much. Your honesty is palpable. Framing it as a prayer is brilliant because [some doctrine sez] you can pray all you want, but if it ain’t in God’s divine plan, it ain’t gonna happen. This made me think of the expression “Man plans and God laughs.”

    Glad I stumbled over this today, thanks, Mosk

  4. Reading this I found myself tagged by two things, the obvious ending question, but prior to that, the idea that “I beg you for mercy, only because I know what you are capable of”. Poetry this scintillating, emotionally and intellectually should be slightly illegal ๐Ÿ™‚ Too much in here to praise, besides, I might get exuberant ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care.

  5. Well…when it comes down to it…we created all of our gods in our own image or for our own purposes. It’s a drop in the bucket time wise. Every civilization suffers short memory. There is a whole lot more than “god” worth knowing and it’s obvious once we get over our own separation and the reasons for it. I’ve hissed and railed similar sentiments since birth without being struck by lightening… All said… you really know how to make the words sound pretty. Love the poem.

  6. I love how you’ve expressed yourself, and the delivery is outright punchy!

    I think we humans invented most of our own misery and suffering though. But then I guess only some of this (A/H-Bombs etc.) comes close to that of our tales of “Biblical” destruction.

    lol – I guess we took over from where GoD left off.
    Only he’d had more practice at it so we had a bit of catching up to do before we could REALLY do some damage ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. There is of course endless debate on the topic of theodicy – and there shall ever be, up to the Heavens or down to the Monad, or in between in this place where the mind shall “Make a Heaven of Hell/Hell of Heaven.” – John Milton.

    Ultimately the vicissitude of man’s nature is an unusual quality. Being as I am not a believer in an emanate creator ( that is a god that is constituent of the reality of which it was contrived. Your normal chicken and egg debate and the question that plagues. ), but rather an impartial, transcendent one I don’t necessarily buy into the accounts of the media Christianity. As such, i’m also a huge opponent of the subjectivity that most religions represent and yet espouse to detest. To me it is the lesser t of truth. Really, like a monad, it defies those five things by which our interactions with life are defined by. ( The senses) The greater T of Truth really absolves itself of all suppositions or arguments that might be espoused.

    Necessarily, Truth is too big to put int 1,684 pages of the KJV or the Qu’ran, or Mandala, or Tao, or the dozen other ‘scriptured’ religions.

    When quid est veritas was asked, what was really asked was: “Quid est Veritas?” and, as supposed, the answer to the second was an anagram of the question: “Est vir qui adest.” The answer to the first was man’s proposition of Heaven and Hell and all the subsequent condemnation of other men based off the fallacy of human perception.

    We can go into all sorts of Infinitesimal Calculations based on Physics: about hyperreals, integrals, differentials – what have you. Alternatively we can accept man’s fallibility as such, without proving it mathematically, and seek to improve the fault of our natural state.

    As a general rule I should question anyone who embrace anything openly without questioning it. I should question all the same someone who embraces denial as though they were Diogenes of Sinope. Really, I should not condemn anyone who questions, bur rather anyone who condemns those that question.

    But to the main point, Biblically we have very many different facets of the same truth. Yehovah or Adonay? There are clearly not the same deity, and yet chicken and egg, they are said to be refractions of one another. Once more, perfect circle back to theodicy.

    Ultimately 888 is as interesting a product as 666. Both are derived by man.

    Interesting piece, keep at it.

      1. Yes, I get the point, and I get what you’re asking. But why would you call divine judgments and human evils God’s “salvation”? Why assign that word?

  8. Incredible, really.
    A prayer that we all silently pray…wondering why is “this or that” happening? Hurt abounds.
    I believe it’s my gift to spread along the love and understanding (or lack thereof, in this case).
    Wonderfully said. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. Stunning. The penultimate and antepenultimate lines hit you like [insert tired metaphor for heavy object here].

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