I drink wine from the bottle,
and dark chocolate from a mug,
all day long,
as I sit in melodious melancholy,
dreaming of the ocean.
You said a hammock,
and you said your arms,
and you said a thousand years,
you said.
If you must fly away,
and swim after fatalities,
bring me with you;
I would gladly drown
with your hands on me,
letting the bowels of a salty pull
drag us under;
letting water win
over our fiery spirits.
It is the way fire is meant to die.
Find me!  I am not far,
I do not hide from you,
I just wait,
crackling amidst the forest trees,
until you join me.
We can leave the most joyous
field of ashes in our wake
you ever saw.

37 thoughts on “joy and ash

  1. …I would gladly drown with your hands on me…very sensual and creates an image of savage beauty….death is a peaceful way? Death and love or hate combined? Makes one think of dying in the arms of a lover and just relaxing into that death.

  2. Another hit out of the park! You are one of the very few poets today that really are worthy of the title. The grace,beauty,and primal rhythm of your verse impacts the reader viscerally as well as intellectually. A truly fulfilling experience.

  3. Melodious melancholy. Lovely. Cioran wrote a piece on melancholy that characterizes it in such a fashion- but your poem rivals his lyricism in grace.

  4. He’ll come back for her – she’d be a fool to think otherwise, and he’d be a fool to do otherwise. Great, vibrant images. Thank you for writing in words that I can understand. I got caught up in this and my first reaction was “Sexy!” Now, if I had to stop and look up some arcane words just because you wanted to “impress” your readers, the flow would’ve been busted.
    Ex-o-lent, my friend! – Sincerely, Mosk

  5. I love it. What an irresistible invitation. i So filled with desire and passion.

    “We can leave the most joyous

    field of ashes in our wake” – Pure poetic genius.

  6. I LOVE hammocks!! Hmmm what was the rest of the poem about? Oh yeah, fire, or something … (ok no more postings, I have to eat … sometime … that whole starving artist thing is so TRUE) Loved it 🙂

Love you, too

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