And you are lies.
And I am a silver fawn
lying in wait for a wolf.
I will tear it to pieces
trample it with my hooves.
Are you scared?
I wish I could.
I wish I did.
I know it isn’t your fault.
But I am stepped back.
Maybe you are only a legend.
I always fall in love with legends.
They are the best things
because they can’t be real,
so they are vivid and pure.
They trip off of tongues and
strangle against my breast.
I hate you.
I adore you.
Whoever you are.

43 thoughts on “deer

  1. I appreciate any reference to silver — and I occasionally see them in other blogs — but this is the first reference to something really close to how I’m living my life — as I have for twenty years. You’ve phrased it — I am in love with a legend — I am living it — and I am so far beyond caring if it isn’t good for me — it’s the complete way that I see my existence. Thank you Shrinksarentcheap

              1. you are a great writer I ma still reading you blog

                let me see

                I will send you a link of a poet of your grade you will love it
                he is brilliant please give me some time

  2. There’s a casualness about this, the phrasing, the length of the lines that immediately suggested this was written on a drunk. The booze may loosen the hard truth, but don’t count on it to. Booze am a liar. Still, I won’t throw stones (23 years sober and I am fucking envious of your booziness). You have a real talent slinging these words around – shrinks aint cheap, booze is cheaper, writing is free and of the three, writing’s the only one that really helps.

    This was great:

    “Maybe you are only a legend.
    I always fall in love with legends.
    They are the best things
    because they can’t be real,
    so they are vivid and pure.”

    Keep writing – you’ve become a new favorite – and I will resist the urge to think of you as a legend. – ol’ Man Moskowitz

  3. here, you are the voice of a million women. take what you want, darling. just fucking take it!

  4. Great honest pure emotion with no holding back. Lines that hold attention long after they are read, wow. Very good writing. Been there, done that drunk rambling before. Sometimes magic comes from the mixture of substance and mind. Either way nice writing.

  5. “I always fall in love with legends” “I hate you. I adore you, whoever you are” Pretty amazing for dunken ramblings …. but then … I am not surprised.

  6. “…fawn lying in wait for a wolf”
    Neat alcohol liberated reversals in this and a. Lovely new “I hate you!/I love you, we’re best friends” switches that stereotype comedic drunks.
    Enjoy the next wake-up…ouch, ssssh

  7. It’s great. Regardless of drunkenness, or perhaps because of, I like it a lot. Understatement works, because overstatement or overly deliberate frankness reeks of falsity.

  8. This is just intensity in ten cities amazing. A walk over existential coals of nihilistic wonder.

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