Your ex-girlfriend opened the door,

half-dressed and hung-over,

blinking into the raging sunbeams,

which were bouncing off the melting snow mounds,

breasts leering through white-striped folds,

those expensive wares you buy for each other.

She mixes up cocktails all

haphazard and dog fur covered

and chatty.

I dust your pretend possessions,

and feeble cushions,

piled on top of each other like

a fur-lined feather orgy.

Do you sleep in every room

of your solo mansion

on purpose,

or do you do it because

it makes you feel

like someone else is there?

I dust the trophy room where

your son sleeps in fits of rage;

your ex-girlfriend pokes her head

through the door

to tell me he will

end up a serial killer.

She has showered

and shellacked herself,

but she was prettier


and makeup-less,

hair a mess,

like a fluorescent


She talks about her new

snow-globe apartment,

and I help her pack

eighteen pairs of shoes.

They look like dollar signs.

“I am a kind soul,” she told me.

And what she meant to say is that

you are not.

76 thoughts on “to the man-boy whose house i cleaned today:

          1. but I am sure you and one person is there like you she is Shackled and Crowned you both are fantastic. great

  1. Shrinks aren’t cheap but the ability to convey as you have – Priceless! Thanks for stopping by and liking my poem, in so doing I have been given the gift of your words. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the ‘likes’ on my page that brought me to your works. Very nice, I look forward to finding more gems as I return….

  3. “but she was prettier


    -so telling of the human condition and that aspect we want to ignore. Lovely read. Thanks.

  4. Beauty of words and ugliness of vision collide in a dialectic synthesis of incredible poetry. Definitely feeling this one. 🙂

  5. Just when I feel words are inadequate you prove me wrong, thank you
    : ) Sometimes the blank page is the devil in disguise. Your poetry takes me on wild rides of the mind, truly inspirational. There are many places we don’t want to be taken, but must. What poets inspire you?

  6. Wow, once again, so many great lines and images, well-crafted into a very visual and emotional portrait. The tone you manage to portray, both of your own voice (unspoken) and of the ex-girlfriend’s communicates extremely well in this poem. It is an experience, not just words.

              1. No no, the sarcasm must stay I insist! Even without the emoji I had a feeling you were being sarcastic but I didn’t want to assume that just in case you weren’t.

  7. “Do you sleep in every room

    of your solo mansion

    on purpose,

    or do you do it because

    it makes you feel

    like someone else is there?”


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