he spits out,

“you fucking suck!”


he slams the door.

and     you    wonder     if     maybe     it      is     true,

since you don’t

feel much like



24 thoughts on “buenas noches

  1. Sometime best not to pay attention to people who are departing. Take two to tangle and two to decide to depart. Life is learning. Can’t make all folks happy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the poem.

      1. 😦 … remember – you are someone and will always be someone … and that someone deserves respect.

  2. If “you fucking suck!” is the best, most imaginative line someone can come up with in the heat of the moment then they’re surely not worth wasting any more time on. If I’m going to be verbally assaulted i will accept nothing less than a sober T.S Elliot, or even better, a drunk Hemingway 🙂

  3. Brilliance. Someone said those exact words to me tonight too. I think it’s becoming her mantra. Whatever gets her through her blissful idiocy. Oh, and tell that brazen bastard that it’s theoretically impossible to “fucking suck”, besides the grammatical inadequacy of the statement.

Love you, too

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