26 thoughts on “secrets

  1. Your work is beautiful.
    Thanks for all the “likes” on my writing today.
    How did you happen to stumble upon my page? I’m still fairly unfamiliar with how WordPress works.

    1. Thank you : ) If you click your upper right-hand corner gravatar info you can go to your “reader” which has blog posts listed in the order they were posted. Your work is lovely.

  2. For me, this is a beautiful exploration of the basic human need to relate to something/someone, and feel its existence running through us in order to do away with any perceived differences. We can’t exist in isolation. Gorgeously done.

  3. I wish that you had written me, so I could feel known…this sums it up just perfectly for me…the deep wish to be known and understood.. really a felt write

  4. I think I inadvertently stumbled into a cyber-bar scene without reading the WordPress rules of engagement…and in this scenario, I extend my felicitations to the poet and tell you other scoundrels that she is mine.

  5. “I wish you’d formed my limbs with your silver-tongued essence.” – Great line there. I can definitely relate to this one.

Love you, too

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