You entered.
Just as a firework display of passions,
striving after themselves all in a row.
I swing from your poison ivy vines;
through your ancient jungles.
I appear at your singular fiestas, dancing.
And what does it mean to you that I cannot escape?
I want to hear you scream their names
in order;
and mine last.
Or latest, if you must.
I want to lick
your words off plastic.
Off bedroom doors and kitchen counters.
I am fastidious in my
overarching need.
Oh, taken in a devilish fury.
I have lost myself.
Have you found me?
Grip my wrists;
I will fight you.
Slam me against a wall.
Remember how we will grovel at each other’s
Like miserable phantoms
trapped in a broken monument.
Swooping around a fixed mark
like declawed bats.
We will aim and miss.
Misfiring and wretched.
Ovals of black eyes.
Trodden on like lovers
lost in a maddened crowd.

Love you, too

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